Liste d'envoi

Around the year 2002, I had the privilege to take a short course with the copywriter Pascal Pelletier ( who really transmitted me the important basics I needed to revise texts professionally! And since then I have a sharp eye for detecting, to the point of zeal when it comes to typography.

To meet your needs and requirements as client, I offer through The Writing Box French editing and EN>FR translation editing services.

Here are some of my experiences related to the French Editing of books:

In 2012 I revised Andree Hamelin's book Le sang de la Lune, published in 2013 by Éditions Treize Mères.

In 2001, I helped transcribe, structure and revise Une femme parmi tant d'autres by author Enice Toussaint, self-published by "Editions Nouveau Siecle".

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