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I'm glad to announce that 2014 will see the birth of a project I'm working on for a few years now. It's a literary community and platform for independent authors and publishers, called Write Stars. I will regularly post information on this website about how it is unfolding in the coming months. Here's a first preview of the project.

A highly interactive platform for the self-publishing world

So, what exactly is Write Stars? It will allow anyone to create a profile and become a member of this community and portal, either as a Reader or as a Writer. The Writers will also be Readers by default, and so both basic membership types will have access to the same interactive functionalities.

What else you will find on Writer Stars: sharing and discovering resources about digital publishing, ebooks, book promotion, fair publishing, fair literature, the writer as a businessman, tools to help WS members have their writings widely known and read. The community will also include groups that users can create to fit their needs and interests. Customized accounts for writers, possibility to add communication modules on their profile to use a webcam, post videos, blog, option to create entries for new books and many other add-ons, at user's convenience.

Yes, that will be a self-service for self-publishing authors! The Authors will have complete control over the scope of their presence on the community portal. It’s a place to share your passion for Literature and writing. It’s eventually also a place to make money out of your writing work. Eh, why not! ;-)

Receive feedbacks — be read and be co-edited by the Write Stars Readers community.

Future developments

Later, it will be possible to create accounts as independent Publishers or Providers of services in the publishing field.

Writers, Publishers and Providers will all be Readers. We are all readers, aren't we?

In an subsequent phase, it will be possible to sell books and texts on the Write Stars network. But that's not all!

At first, there will be no cost to be a member of Write Stars. Later, it will remain free to have a Reader account, but as the portal develops, there will be a monthly fee to use the network services. But it will also be possible to pay with tokens earned by giving Writers an appreciation of their work, including by giving them “star” notations on their books/articles/documents and by editing/commenting their writings.

In the beginning, friends and collaborators will be invited to test the website and start populating the community. Please let me know if you want to be part of the experience, among the first Write Stars!